31 January 2017 . 3 min read

It’s All About Design at Interaction – 17

Interaction 17 is an interaction design conference dedicated to connect the interaction designers around the world. They gather here to get inspiration from each other and deepen their knowledge.

Interaction 17 will be held from 3rd to 8th Feb 2017 in the New York City. The theme is “Make it here. Make it anywhere”. The prime focus will be on how the environment and its social, political or economic factors play a major role in carving out interaction and how the designers should respond to it. To make sure that every aspect of the theme is explored, three sub-themes are identified namely, new interactions / new environments, emerging design process and the impact of design. The theme has been beautifully put across in the launch video, it’s something you should not miss at all.

You will have so much to absorb while you listen to the experienced knowledge leaders from design departments of top companies. Some of the speakers are Benjamin Dauer-Product Designer, Cheryl Platz -Senior Designer, Microsoft, Jared Braiterman-VP of Experience Design, McKinsey & Company, Kevin Gaunt-Senior UX Designer, Samsung Research America, Matt Yurdana-Creative Director, Internet of Things Experiences Group, Intel Paolo Malabuyo-Director of Design, Netflix Russell Parrish-Sr UX Designer, IBMShruti KNR-UX Specialist, UNICEF, United Nations. A quick glance at the speakers will make you realize what an enriching experience this event will be for an interaction design enthusiast like you.

Interaction Design Education Summit 17

Starting from 3rd Feb, the summit will cover the history, current and future state of design through inspirational talks, practical hands-on advice, and pragmatic workshops over the span of two days.

IxDA Local Leaders Workshop

On 4th Feb, the Local Leaders from Interaction Design Association will come together to discuss strategies for the IxDA community. You can also join in if you wish to start an IxDA Local group in your city.



You will get to absorb enormous amount of information on 5th Feb. You can register for whichever workshop you like. Don’t wait, they are filling fast! Some of the interesting topics are:

  • Inspiring Better Design Through Research-in-Context
  • Crafting the Discovery Phase: Starting Design Projects Right
  • Story Mapping the User Experience
  • Design Your Design Organization for Maximum Impact
  • Rethinking UX: The Rise of “Screenless” Interfaces
  • Exploring Persuasive Patterns in VR
  • Giving Voice to Your Voice Designs
  • More Than Users: How to Understand People’s Lives in Usability Testing etc

Conference Sessions

The main conference will take place from 6th to 8th Feb. There will be a wide variety of extremely informative sessions from the keynote speakers and others. This list of topics covered on these 3 days, is huge. Some of the sessions would be:

  • VR and AR: What’s the Story?
  • Unframed: Crafting Audience Experience in Cinematic VR
  • In Conversation: Virtual Reality Gets Real
  • Design to Fight Crime and Save Lives; Chatbots and Conversational UI
  • Be Like Water: Strategies for Infusing Design in Healthcare Organizations
  • Keynote – Respectful Design: The Canadian Context
  • Agents vs Agency: Battle for Control in the IoT

At the end of the day, the Interactive Award ceremony will be organized to recognize great initiatives and talents in interactive designs. This event has a great reputation and so does its partners like IBM, Intel, Adobe, Bloomberg, Amazon, Google, HBO, Microsoft etc. So, hope you make the most of it.

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