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Healthcare Industry: Keep Your Brand Image Always In The Pink


According to Wikipedia, “The healthcare industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries. Consuming over 10 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) of most developed nations, healthcare can form an enormous part of a country’s economy.” This industry is continuously reinventing ways to get closer to the patients. These days, the public is more aware than ever, about their health and wellness. It is no news that people are frequently looking for health-related information online. So, the least you can do is, provide all the relevant information online.

An Informative Website

Someone may open your website with a very tensed or confused state of mind or it can even be an emergency situation! You don’t want to further puzzle the visitors, so make sure all the required information is right in front of their eyes. They should easily find your contact details like locations, contact numbers, treatments offered etc. Check out the website of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Mount Sinai and notice the great UI/UX.

Quicker the Better!

Healthcare is an important part of everyone’s life, and hence the need for great mobile apps, that provide upto date information and notifications, on a regular basis. Make life easy for them through simple yet effective mobile apps with a great UI/UX. Your apps can help users to book appointments quickly, set reminders for taking medicine, keep a track of their calorie count, calories burnt, distance walked, etc.

The magic of videos has worked on all of us. If a video is nicely done, it can get a lot of time and attention of your prospects. Moreover, videos are easier to recall, which means people remember you for longer!

Explainer videos can do wonders for you. Knowledge is power, so, go ahead and empower your prospects. Explainer videos can help you explain complex things. Visual learning makes it pretty easy and interesting for the viewers to understand things. Explainer videos can be used to explain almost anything, so, help your prospects take wiser purchase decisions or explain them about a disease or ailment. Many a times animation can be used to create and demonstrate things and processes that cannot be seen otherwise.

Build Your Brand Image

If you want people to take you seriously, a corporate film is a must. Such a video can build your brand image by showcasing your excellence in various aspects of technology, manpower, infrastructure, ethics, values etc.

Earn Their Trust

There is more to medical science than just treating illness, it is also about feeling the other person’s pain and comforting them. Testimonial videos have always been used in the advertising world for gaining the trust of the customers. Live-action videos are remarkable in adding a personal touch to the whole message or the story. An employee’s words matter a lot because who knows better about the organization than the employees?

Corporate Social Responsibility

We all are a part of the society and the environment. It becomes our responsibility to be concerned about the social and environmental welfare of the world we live in. Your videos should highlight your efforts and CSR initiatives. You can also share series of informative and helpful videos like healthy recipes or general health and wellness tips.

Your videos can showcase the technology advancements and innovation going on in your facilities. Moreover, you can also create facility tour videos to let your prospects know what to expect, for instance, Having Your Baby at Brigham and Women’s Video. We understand that your organization values employees who are passionate about their jobs. Let us tell you that videos are quite effective in attracting the right kind of employees to your organization.

Social media has become the hub for personal and business interactions. Don’t we all keep checking our phones every now and then, so that we don’t get bored or don’t miss anything? Well, this is where you should connect with your customers.

Facebook and Twitter are two platforms where

your presence is a must and YouTube is obviously the king of videos. Leverage these mediums to connect with your audience, provide regular updates and build a following. You can also use LinkedIn for professional communication, business updates and discussions. Make sure your fans and followers stay tuned for the latest updates on the healthcare sector.

Stay Fresh in Their Minds

You must also organize or participate in events which your customers might be looking forward to. Workshops can also help you stay fresh in the minds of your customers. You can motivate people to be volunteers and work for self-satisfaction or humanity. Keep reminding people what it means to donate blood or organs.

Spread Awareness

You can also share survival stories, to give hope and courage to other people. “Prevention is better than cure” and who knows it better than you? So, your social media posts can help people identify ailments, recognize the symptoms and thus, act on time. You can also organize discussions of particular diseases and invite people to watch and ask questions.

Some ailments occur at an increased pace during particular seasons. As a healthcare provider, you should let people know about the precautions to take in that season. You may also want to share some general health tips or first aid information.

Infographics are quite popular these days, they can provide precise information in a quick glance. You can also design social media campaigns to get more attention. All your social media communication has to be integrated with various channels. Also, varying content has to be designed/written depending on the platform. Check out how it can be done:

The magical world of Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR technologies have been on the market for some time. They provide novel ways to train your employees and students. This not only develops a skilled workforce for your organization but also attracts more candidates to work with a technologically advanced employer (you).

Virtual Reality (VR) enables your patients to see what will happen when you operate them or when a medicine goes inside their system. We are not talking about some normal informative video, instead, we are talking about a technology that puts the viewers in the virtual world so that they can look around to see what’s happening!

This makes it easy for both, you and your patients to easily understand things and clear doubts if any. This also boosts the confidence of your patients. VR can also be used to comfort the patients who suffer from phobia or trauma by making them face different environments in a virtual world. For instance, SnowWorld is a virtual reality pain control environment that is specifically designed to help burn patients reduce their pain. VR can also ease Post Traumatic Stress Disorder suffered by soldiers after a war.

Similarly, Augmented Reality (AR) can help your staff and students to learn about various parts of the body by overlaying additional information on the existing view. For instance, your nurses can easily identify veins using AccuVein. All this builds your image as a technology front-runner and also improves your performance and efficiency.

Through AR, your patients can also scan the packaging of medicines to understand the usage, effects and side effects of the drug. Check out how AR can help patients with Autism:

Have you included the above mentioned-techniques in your marketing strategy? If not, then now is the time to start with these highly effective marketing solutions! This is a comprehensive list of solutions, and each brand can choose to use a limited set of options and platforms that suit them.

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