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Education Industry: Show The World How You Are Shaping The Future


The meaning of Education has changed with the changing time. Now, how to read and write a language is not the real education. It is more than that and hence, there is always something new happening in the Education sector. With the change of learning needs, new players with innovative ideas are making history. Whether it is primary, high school, college or professional education, students are willing to try something more interactive so that learning is no more monotonous and boring. The use of technology to attract more students and get better results has become the goal of many organizations in the Education Sector.

Schools come second, as the real education begins at home. By home, we mean activities which a child involves in even before he/she starts going to school. The leading players in the education sector know this thing very well and hence they launch various attractive products and service for the children who have not even joined school. Yes! The new generation is learning things in an entirely new way! These products can’t reach home by themselves until you take help of the internet and other sources of promotion.

The most common thing about the giants in the education sector is that they have a strong presence in the online world. Their websites keep on updating with the latest happenings and they are always socially active to stay connected with their audiences. These tactics are highly successful and can establish your brand in a stronger spot.

Whether it is Ebooks or learning from tabs, technology has entered into every sector and has also helped education industry to bloom in every way. Digitalization makes learning easy and fun at the same time. Hence, it is the first choice of the youth and kids. Talking about kids, an interactive tablet can really help them to gain more knowledge about this wonderful world at a very young age, that too, in a very easy and a playful manner. Brands like Leapfrog are focusing all their products on these young kids.

We don’t just tell you what all novel things you must do for your brand, but we also emphasize on the fact that you should try hard to let your prospects know about the wonderful benefits you are offering:

Leading brands like Khan Academy, Simplilearn, TedEd have strategically planned audio-visual lessons for professionals, housewives as well as the school kids depending upon their specific needs and interests. It has been scientifically proven that such type of courses aid in faster learning and the students can easily focus on the topics. This wasn’t possible in case of bulky books and boring lectures.

Since tablets are so popular, you can also partner with some tablet brands or sell tablets with your online study material as a package.

Ebooks are Trending

Ebooks are in the fashion and there are many smart devices like Amazon’s Kindle which works as a perfect ebook reader. You will find many travellers and students carrying a tablet along with them for reading. The best thing about the ebooks is that they are not at all bulky. Many ebook readers, especially tablets and phablets, are being designed for educational purposes. The technology advancements have made it possible for customers to use these devices without straining their eyes much. Many textbook giants including Elsevier and Pearson are now working with companies like Inkling to digitize their academic materials. So choose a suitable platform to create interactive digitized textbooks, with best multimedia features like- interactive quizzes, how-to videos, live Q&As; and much for the students of every age.

Mobile Applications are proving to be the biggest boom in the field of education. All big and small educational institutes are now working with the application developers to create something that makes information updates and study materials available in the pockets of the students. Whether it is learning a language, learning sketching, a quiz about mathematics or a video on a history chapter, there is everything available on these apps. Paid apps have a lot more features but providing a trail version of your app can provide the necessary help in promotions.

Many developers are now focusing on the top competitive exams of the country or region and hence, the necessary study materials and mock tests are made available on the Android and iPhone application markets…and guess what? Students and guardians are quite happy with these developments! The government agencies are also making such apps available so as to help the students who can’t afford costly coaching and necessary tuitions to fulfil their dreams. So, who wants to stay behind? Go ahead can get your own app!

Want to keep the learner interested and engaged? Well, you need to add gamification to learning. This means setting clear goals (levels), promoting healthy competition (leaderboards), getting immediate feedback (scores) etc in regular study materials. After implementing gamification, Kaplan University witnessed a 9% increase in the grades and 80% increase in the time spent in the classroom. Similarly, Deloitte saw 50% faster course completion after implementing gamification in executive training! Let’s see how a Tata Interactive Services incorporated gamification into their corporate learning app QuizBiz:

The best idea here is to launch a website that provides the right information and distinguishes you from all other brands. Check out the cool website of Ted-ED, Aiglon Switzerland, and Geelong Grammar School. Aren’t these layouts really neat and attractive?

Use Influencers

Advertise your brand on blogs, videos, and social media posts. Your message has to be designed according to your target audience. This will help you build relationships with the right people. You can easily spot these things already happening on different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc.

Shed Light!

Also, there are many bloggers who write about child psychology, development and education. Ask these influencers to consider your products and services and recommend your brand if they like your idea.

You can be one of the popular choices of the parents if
you are posting facts and figures about education, its benefits and how it affects the mental growth and future of the children. The guardians should also know that they can stay updated with the child’s education

Be a responsible brand and a guiding light for the students. Post reminders of tests, deadlines, application forms or upcoming sessions. Your audience love videos, images and GIF’s, so make the most out of it.

Alumni are the Envoys!

Be a friend and advisor to your audience, be open to feedback and questions. Parents of students and the students themselves have a lot of doubts about their future and career. It’s a great idea to provide them advice and clear their confusion while they are still sitting in their comfort zones.

Share the Good Ones!

Your alumni are your brand ambassadors, their testimonials and suggestions can help you and your students. They can also refer your students for jobs. So, organize get-togethers and stay in touch with them on social media too.

What’s in the Stores of Social Media?

A good educational institute always invites and respects new ideas. Thus, any decent video, campaign, product, artwork or concept created by your students or teachers should be valued and shared on social media.

Apart from the usage of Facebook and Twitter that we discussed above, LinkedIn is also quite useful for business and professional communications. Share knowledge and insights on topics that might interest your prospects and followers.

LinkedIn is the right place to boast about your culture, infrastructure, achievements and awards. Through LinkedIn, you can also inform the world how you care about the society and keep sustainability top on your priority list.

Videos Make You Vigorous!

Instagram is another happening social media platform, as an educational institute, you can add a lot of information images on your account just like University of Cambridge, Princeton University, Stanford, MIT , Oxford University etc.

On YouTube and Facebook, you can easily spot mini-clips by educational institutes, that not only educate and interact with the parents and children but also advertise their brand names.

You must also start with your own YouTube channel and post videos on Facebook. Youtube channel of Simplilearn offers numerous training videos on a wide range of topics. After going through these videos, the chances of the viewer enrolling for a course with Simplilearn increases by many times. The same brand also features a series of testimonial videos of happy learners, this further convinces a prospect to take up a course. The following video from Aiglon College, contains voice-over interviews of students, staff and alumni talking about their first-hand experience of the school:

Mind, Body, Spirit from Aiglon College on Vimeo .

Even if an applicant or student wants to join your institution, he/she may drop the idea just because the application procedure looks complex. It’s better to create explainer videos to help people understand concepts and processes in a simple way(plus, it is going to help you ultimately!)

Your social media content has to have videos to keep your friends engaged and informed. For instance, the Facebook videos of University of Cambridge and Imperial College London. Similarly, the youtube channel of Stanford has playlists like Stanford News</a >and Made At Stanford</a >.
Have you realized that videos are incredible at adding a personal touch to the communication? While watching videos, your target customers can feel the emotions that you are trying to invoke and as a result, the designed message is conveyed efficiently.

Like for any other sector, education sector also needs corporate films to showcase your institute’s facilities, boast about your capabilities and achievements and share your mission and values. You can also share your story, journey or future plans through corporate films.

Live videos have also gained an immense popularity these days, you can engage your prospects through live videos of events and discussions. You can find a wide range of live videos shared by Yale University.

Study your target customers carefully. There must be something that matter to them than anything else, like all kids want to do is play and have fun, all parents want to do is to build a good character and a secure future for their child. You may also come across some social or environmental issues that need action.

Once you narrow down to a few topics that are important to your customers or the society in general, launch a campaign around the topic that is most relevant to your brand. Promote your campaign on social media to make the most out of it. For instance, Project Literacy by Pearson shared this extremely beautiful 3D animation video about what happens when you are not literate.

Crafting such videos is not a piece of cake, notice how they have something substantial to say about illiteracy, through each and every letter! Well, the best part is all the hard work and investments done in the right direction definitely pay off!

We can’t afford to miss the most useful technology for the world of education, i.e. virtual reality (VR). With the assistance of this technology, your students can “experience learning” in a virtual world. It is now possible for each of your students to experience the wonders of space, the life under the sea, the wildlife inside dense forests, the insides of a human body or the movement of microscopic organisms! They can actually step into another world, and still be completely safe! What an awesome way to learn things!

You don’t have to wait for students to visit your institute, you can share VR videos on social media to keep your audience interested and informed. For instance, the Facebook page of Harvard University has a collection of 360-degree videos of the students who share their experience of being a part of the university, they also show you the place, as it looks to a student during the course.
As you already know, mere theoretical learning is just not enough. With augmented reality (AR) you can superimpose a computer-generated image on the user’s view, providing a comprehensive learning experience. If you integrate such amazing technologies in teaching, who will not love to learn from you?

Executing the solutions discussed above will surely make a difference and add more feathers in your cap. If you are looking for professional consulting on marketing or training videos, gamification, AR or VR, feel free to get in touch with us at hello@pixelsutra.com.

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