1 February 2017 . 2 min read

Dubai Sets the Stage for Industrial IoT MENA

Internet of Things has arrived. It has been a buzzword for quite some time now. Gradually, IoT is going to change the way we live and work. We are going to witness enhanced connectivity like never before. Businesses are determined to connect big and small machines and pair them with world-class analytics to shape the future. Industrial IoT MENA will help us get prepared to embrace this technology revolution and make the most out of it.


Industrial IoT MENA will be held from 6th to 7th Feb 2017 at Dubai. It will be a gathering of IT and IoT professionals aimed at discussing the infrastructural framework requirements and best practices regarding IoT. This summit will bring together progressive organizations who wish to propel themselves to growth by optimizing resources, increasing efficiency and reducing wastage.

At Industrial IoT MENA, you will get abundant time and opportunities to connect with vendors and fellow attendees through roundtable discussions, ‘speed dating networking’ and ‘sit down meals’. The event will help you understand how your business can adopt industrial IoT. Not only this, you can take this as an opportunity to showcase your talent to the senior professionals in the industry.

All through the two days, there would be panels, presentations, case studies and discussions covering well thought out topics like, the new set of skills required for adopting Industrial IoT, prerequisites for deploying IoT, security concerns, ROI, regulations etc.


The event is not dedicated to any particular industry. Every industry can leverage Industrial IoT in its own way, be it, Logistics, Manufacturing, Automobile, Mining, Food & Beverage, Gas, Power generation or Traffic police.

Some of the topics covered would be:

  • Where Data Meets Oil, Using the Industrial Internet of Things to Access the Digital Oil Field
  • Taking Advantage of the IoT opportunity: What is the Value of the Industrial IoT?
  • Mining & Metals + Internet of Things: Industry Opportunities and Innovation
  • Case Study: Smart shipping: IoT Opportunities in Logistics
  • DEWA’s Contribution to Building a Smarter Dubai
  • The Role of Abu Dhabi Police Smart Traffic Centre for Road Safety
  • IoT Meets Food and Beverage Manufacturing
  • Enabling a Digital Transformation: How Best to Start Your Industrial IoT Process

The speakers will be thought leaders and top officials from reputed organizations in different sectors. For instance, Bhanu Shekhar-Chief Digital Officer & Head of Digital Solutions, GE Power; Fuad Al-Ansari-VP (IT), Abu Dhabi Oil Refinery Company, Marzouq Al Zaabi-Smart Traffic Centre Leader, Smart Traffic Solutions, Abu Dhabi Government.

No doubt, this event will explore almost every area where Industrial IoT can be implemented and will touch every aspect of its adoption. Industrial IoT Mena will disseminate information on Industrial IoT like no other event does. If your field of work can benefit from IoT, join the event and make the most out of it.

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