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Why hire a creative agency?

In the fiercely competitive world of advertising, no matter how small or large a business is, brands are actively upping their ante in the creative game. After all it’s not easy to penetrate into every segment of the population without having unique ideas to generate brand awareness.

So when globally known brand like Hindustan Unilever (HUL) was battling the issues of brand awareness in some markets, one of india’s best creative agencies came to its rescue. And what it created was named the top marketing campaign in the world, according to the annual Warc 100 ranking. The campaign called ‘Kan Khajura Tesan’, reached electricity starved rural areas of Bihar with an always-on mobile media channel offering music, jokes and Bollywood content, interspersed with ads. The channel gained 12 million subscribers in less than 10 months from launch, including one million unique callers per month.

The brainchild of two creative agencies helped HUL solve a business problem, and creating a truly innovative platform. This is a perfect example of how a creative agencies play a crucial role in elevating a brand’s reach. So, let’s learn more about why hiring a creative agency is beneficial?

Creative services includes a myriad of things, from brand identity and strategy, to marketing and advertising, to design and user experience. Whether you’re looking to put together a brochure or design a pamphlet, looking for someone to help with web design, planning a new marketing campaign or just trying to get some new ideas, a creative design firm can help you in your business ventures. A creative design firm is not only highly skilled and experienced in identifying, planning and executing a wide variety of marketing tasks, but, also has the ability to step back and look at your brand as a whole.

Here’s what a creative agency brings to the table:

Creative Agency Services
Creative agencies provide a host of services which includes:

Creative Agency Services

1Blog content
2Brand-awareness campaigns
3Branding, including logo design and creating a consistent message
4Design and maintenance of content management systems
5E-newsletter design, content, and distribution
6Event and trade show materials
7Lead-generation campaigns
8Marketing collateral such as brochures and fliers
9Email or direct-mail advertising campaigns
10Sales presentations
11Social media strategy and campaigns
12TV or radio advertising campaigns
13Website content, including text and video
14Website design, whether starting from scratch or updating an existing website
15Website development, ranging from simple to complex

Who You’ll Work With
Creative agencies assign a team of experts to work with each client. Apart from the account manager, the team involves the following people as needed:
• Creative director
• Project manager
• Website designers
• Website developers
• Writers
• Video directors

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