An Android App for one of the world's leading FMCG brand

UI/UX Design / App Development / Video Production

The Brief

Coca Cola approached PixelSutra for their event that brought their CEOs from around the world to Hyderabad. Every year the CEOs were given brochures with information. This time they wanted to try something new. But the event was just a week away.

THE Goals

The app needed to have a world-class UI/UX, engaging video content and statistics.

The Solution

The creative team at PixelSutra can showcase even the most boring stats and data in an interesting way. Instead of bombarding the CEOs with the same old booklets, the analytics and statistics were shown in a series of 1- minute videos which were integrated into an App. With just a click, the videos would pop up and give complete information about any given location.

PixelSutra created a series of videos and integrated them into an App for the event in just one week.

About Client

Coca Cola

Hyderabad, India

Leading the beverage industry around the globe for years, the brand needs no introduction. Coca Cola is a soft drink you would find everywhere from a grand restaurant to that shop right around the corner.

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