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The Art of Entertaining in the Modern Era – New age marketing techniques for Media and Entertainment Industry


Take a moment and think about all the favorite shows, movies, characters and music that you love. And now, imagine a world without them. How painfully dull life will be. Such has been the influence of Media and Entertainment Industry in our lives. One cannot even begin to think of a life that has no Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck, Star Wars, Godfather or a Billie Jean! It is like they were always meant to be here. Whether you are looking for a source of escapism or a clear reflection of the society we live in, Media and Entertainment will have the correct fit. Very hardly can an industry serve you with such extreme qualities. In the present era of rapid technological growth, Media and Entertainment too is going through a tricky phase of transition. With the right approach, your firm can continue to mesmerize its fans and well wishers.

An ever-shining influence

Bill gates once said that if your business is not on the internet, it will soon be out of business. In the present scenario, he might want to rephrase or pinpoint to a more specific solution-the apps. Customers today do not even consider you if you are not available whenever and wherever they need them. There is an app for almost everything today and it is quite a challenge coming up with an engaging one. Let us have a look at some of the best examples.

There can never be a movie buff who has not paid attention to imdb. Take a look at their app that brings the entire world of movies and television shows right into your palm. Abundant with information, you can use it to follow the daily updates of all your favorite stars and check out interesting facts and trivias about any show or movie. You can add your watchlist, get showtimes, book tickets, rate and read critic and user reviews.

Take a look at the ‘Netflix’ app. The platform is a library with thousands of movies and television shows. But check how smoothly one gets to move around the app. At no juncture do you feel that the app is overloaded with information. So, it is not enough that you have plenty to offer. How easy it is to access them is what makes you different!

Soundcloud’ allows users to record, upload and promote their originally created sounds. The platform is a mix between music and other audio. Their app now features more than 150 million tracks spanning across shows, podcasts and other music content. With its machine learning capability, the app also becomes a personalized experience for its users as the suggestions get filtered according to an individual’s tastes.

Every day you gather information from a wide variety of Internet sources. What if there was a way to organize them all? This is where ‘Feedly’ comes in. It helps its users to compile news from different online sources so that a user could create his or her own network from places that they trust. Its app connects to more than 400 million feeds so that you can delve deep into the content that you care for. It can also be integrated with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Let them interact – Games

If business is what you do for a living, you would know that customer satisfaction is directly related to customer interactivity. If you have to keep someone interested, you have to keep him engaged and involved with your project. This is where Games come in. They provide a whole new lighter tone to your project and gets the user into the story world in an instant. When gamers themselves become characters, they begin to relate to your plot and characters in a much better way.

‘The Fast and Furious 6’ Game allowed users to race through the streets of London to earn money and reputation. For ride freaks, the game had a rich choice of cars and a whole lot of levels. You could get into the Fast and Furious team, collect wheels, improve them and also participate in tournaments. What more can a F & F fan wish for!

‘Walking Dead’, the post apocalyptic television series launched a game titled “The Walking Dead:Season One” that consists five episodes. Set in the same fictional world as in the comic, the game focuses on character development and story rather than puzzle solving. Depending upon the gamer’s choice of dialogue and actions, the narrative changes and it can often lead to an array of unseen events. Talk about interactivity!

Prior to the release of the Indian thriller film ‘Kaabil’, a story driven official game was introduced that urged the users to lead its central characters across various objectives. This tactical puzzle game gives users the chance to interact with its two main characters and to unfold the story by completing all 28 handcrafted levels. The costumes of its two lead characters are customizable and throughout the game you could witness high-quality realistic models of various characters in the movie.

Use tomorrow today – AR, VR & MR

Media and Entertainment is one of the first industries where technology announces its arrival. More than any other industry, they are quite enthusiastic about latest technological developments as their primary focus is on astonishing the viewer. Our entire perception of the world is in for a massive change as technologies such as AR, VR & MR are expected to be the next big thing of the future. So, it is critical that you start reaping its benefits.

To promote the release of the natural disaster film “Into the Storm”, Roadshow films deployed a 64 inch plasma screen in Sydney’s Chinatown. Using augmented reality, this outdoor campaign gave the audience a peek into what would it look like if the city is hit by a tornado. In the first go, it looks like a conventional movie poster, but pretty soon the outdoor panel changes into a window through which people could watch a storm unfolding.

To add to the excitement surrounding the Amazing Spider Man, Sony Pictures launched an Augmented Reality powered app through which fans could discover Spidey in online and real world environments. Users were able to scan specially marked movie themed images to initiate interactive 3D animations. The animation sequences included all the adventures fans would expect from Spider Man and when the virtual Spidey appears on the phone, users could take his photo and share them with their network.

Prior to the release of the Smurf reboot anthology ‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’, Sony launched a Mixed Reality game that allowed kids to explore different extravagant locations of the film before ultimately reaching the ‘Lost Village’. As you wear the headset, the flat surfaces and table tops will be abode to the colourful world of Smurf gang. ‘HoloLens’ provides a smooth integration of the physical world and the Smurfs world so that you can interact with the gang to proceed to the next level.

‘Goosebumps Virtual Reality’ featured a wild car chase where Jack Black as R.L. Stine tries to escape a giant predatory insect. The video was directed by Rob Letterman, the director of Goosebumps and produced by none other Moving Picture Company. Just like the movie, the VR experience was also filled with crazy scares and fun. The team also created a VR app that works all the major headsets.

How about a virtual trip to a haunted house? After all, what is horror if not truly experiencing it! For horror fans who cannot have enough, Universal Focus launched a Virtual Reality experience to promote its new film ‘Insidious – Chapter 3’. In the experience, viewers were able to see themselves in a haunted house across a psychic. Scares appear from everywhere and ultimately they get to face the undead serial killer! Yeah, horror just got real.

The makers of ‘Baahubali – 2’, the most successful Indian movie till date launched the VR experience titled ‘The Sword of Baahubali’. With a running time of around 8 to 10 minutes, the story is set in the backdrop of the thrilling climax sequences of ‘Baahubali – 2’. The users are confronted by the epic character Kattappa and they have to help him find Shivudu’s Sword to win the battle.

Spice up the excitement – Trailers

The ultimate aim of most of the marketing activities in Media Industry is to make the viewers excited about a project prior to its release. While considering the different modern day techniques to achieve this, one mustn’t forget the impact good old trailers deliver. The history of trailers dates back to the history of Media itself and the fact that it is still extensively used speaks about its calibre! Well made trailers are one big tick in the box for your marketing activities.

Try controlling your goosebumps as you watch this trailer of Game of Thrones, Season 7! The trailer just goes to show why the series is a worldwide sensation. Every cut and dialogue is well chosen and you end up wishing the season is here already. Take a note how the trailer keeps every suspense alive by revealing only as little as required. If the ending of Season 6 got you excited about what the series has in store, the trailer has just magnified the intensity. Winter is coming and yes the wait is exciting!

Wonder Woman trailer is as fast paced and energetic as the movie is. For fans of action adventures, the trailer itself is an assuring promise that you are in for an adrenaline rush. You get an idea of the basic plot and the visual effects are already luring you out. Why is the world in danger. How is Wonder Woman defending it? We won’t blame you if you can’t wait to find the answers!

Here is the trailer of Katy Perry’s video song ‘Roar’. Sensation has no time limits and you can be one within just 20 seconds! With some cleverly planned visuals and a soothing background score, this very short trailer goes a long way in signalling the arrival of a foot tapping single. See how carefully the entire feel of the jungle is conveyed in a very short span of time. The chirps and chitters are perfected to the absolute detail and we immediately relate to a jungle like environment. That is a master at work!

Why be still when you can move – Motion Posters

There is a reason why you don’t see a single project that does not make use of posters. The bread and butter of Media lies in the excitement of viewers and this is why posters have always been an important marketing tool. But, like everything else, posters too had to run with the rapid technological growth and revamp itself. As a result, today, posters are not just still images. Motion posters that provide a kinetic view of the conventional posters are the latest buzz in the media world and the results show why.

Here is a Motion Poster of American Web Series ‘Daredevil’. A well made motion poster like this could even serve as a mini teaser of your project. See how the video makes use of voice, music and ambience to deliver an experience that is a notch above traditional posters. The video also helps in giving viewers a taste of the overall content which is impossible in a conventional style.

‘Pete’s Dragon’ Motion Poster takes us for a short yet sweet trip to the magical fantasy world that it has in store. The dragon’s appearance and disappearance in the background is one point of attraction that stands out in the poster. That is another advantage with Motion Posters. You can add or remove characters or properties as you wish!

White Hill launched a motion poster prior to the release of their song ‘Sajjna’ sung by Gayatri Chaudhary. How better can a song announce its arrival other than with a soothing background music! Riding on the back of a powerful melodious score, the motion poster instantly introduces the mood of the song and the charm of the singer.

Explore the unexplored – Comic Books

The timeframe for movies and television shows have their own limitations. One cannot explore every nook and corner as that will disturb the entire viewing experience. Besides, you want your project to be remembered by the audience for a long time to come. Yes, a well made film or show will stay with audience for a long time, but there is no room for telling something that you haven’t said before. One life saver here, are comic books. Through them, you can dig deep into several characters and situations and also make your omnipresence felt. Let us look at some of the best comic series adaptations.

The 2014 reboot of ‘Godzilla’ was also supported by the graphic novel ‘Godzilla:Awakening’ that acted as a prequel to the movie. The 80 page novel is set in a time period decades before the film and was written by Max and Greg Borenstein. The novel depicts the dawn of atomic age where human activities awake a life form that is beyond anyone’s imagination and the havoc that follows.

Boom studios launched a 6 issue comic series of ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ which is a connecting bridge between the movies ‘Rise’ and ‘Dawn’. The series presents the fall of humanity and the rise of Caesar, the mighty ape’s civilization. As the world powers shift, the comic dives deep into the real meaning of virtues like society and civilization.

Graphic India partnered with Arka Mediaworks to launch “Baahubali – Battle of the Bold” a Graphic Novel of the blockbuster Indian franchise ‘Baahubali’. Its premise is set years before the events of the film and explores various untold stories of the different characters. Fans could also see the younger versions of their favourite Baahubali and Baladeva as they prove their mettle in various deadly tournament of champions

Spread your legacy – Animation Series

A series is another effective way to keep your legacy going. They provide an elaborate platform from where you can expand the potential of your characters or story world. If it is worth telling, there is no limit to the number of episodes or seasons to which it could extend. Infact as a creator, you yourself might be wonderstruck as you unlock a new dimension to a particular character or plot!

‘Tron:Uprising’ was an animated sci-fi television series which was set between the timeline of the movies ‘Tron’ and ‘Tron:Legacy’. The series had a total of 19 episodes and it was directed by Charlie Bean and Robert Valley. The series deals with how Beck, a young program is trained by Tron during his revolution against the villainous Clu.

The number of Lion King derived works is a clear testimony to the fact that fans can never get enough of Lion King. There is always something new to this franchise and every time the world waits with spirited enthusiasm. ‘The Lion Guard’ is an American animated television series directed by Howy Parkins that started airing on November 2015. Set during the time gap of Lion King’s sequel ‘Simba’s Pride’, ‘Lion Guard’ tells the story of Kion, the son of King Simba and the leader of Lion Guard.

‘Baahubali’, the biggest franchise in Indian cinema, launched an animation series titled ‘Baahubali – The Lost Legends’ which is set before the Kalakeya invasion portrayed in the original film. Created by the legendary filmmaker S.S Rajamouli, Sharad Devrajan, Arka Media Works and lead writers Ashwin Pande and Jeevan J. Kang, the series promises to showcase the events that lead to the rise of Baahubali from a young prince to a legendary hero.

This was an overview of the various modern day marketing techniques that could empower your Media and Entertainment firm. If you wish to discuss in detail, please do write to us at hello@pixelsutra.com. We will be glad to assist you.

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