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Technology & Techniques That Can Help You Stand Tall In The Defence Industry


The Defence Industry is commonly divided into three parts i.e. “Naval, Air Force, & Army.” It incorporates personnel who are determined to protect their country and its citizens. Every country has its own agendas and guidelines for their defence industry, but the thing in common here is to do your best and help in the upliftment and development of the industry. With modernization, science and technology have helped this industry to grow and develop; but then again there are many problems faced by the industry; limited resources and communication are some of them.

During the emergency situations like terror attacks, natural disasters, etc. it becomes difficult to communicate with the general public and make them understand certain things. Lack of knowledge, education and social awareness worsens the problem even more. Many people even avoid interacting with officers and find them terrifying!

To solve these problems the defence industry can start using social media and websites to reach more people directly. Messages, alerts and quick updates on social media can not only save lives, but can also be used for social awareness and educating the public about threats, preparedness or anything which the government wants the citizens to know.

Unlimited Advantages!

You can leverage the power of social media in limitless ways. Some forces like the U.S. Army, British Army etc. use social media for motivating people and spreading social awareness. You can proudly post the aspiring and encouraging stories of your warriors and their successful missions. Talk about your hard work and achievements with your fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Share the pictures of your brave soldiers, doctors, engineers and high-tech machines on Instagram. To understand this more, check out the Instagram posts of British Army.

On your social media page, you should mention the great works done by your soldiers. Let the world see what it takes to be a soldier and how efficient they are at facing challenges and using weapons.

You can post interesting pictures, videos, and GIFs on a regular basis to keep the public engaged. Encourage more people to join your organization assuring them that it’s a great career choice.

Show the Other Side

People need to know that the army men and women are just like them, so share their other activities like singing, dancing, painting & cooking on social media. This will help the citizens to know defence personnel better and see them as friendly individuals. Through social media, proper education can be given to people. Post tips about self-protection, first-aid and disaster managements. You can also share exciting information about events, competitions & awards, so as to attract more public to your road shows, air shows, events, competitions etc.

It’s Not a Job…But a Way of Life!

We all know about the appeal and attraction videos possess, but you might be wondering how can videos be used in the defence industry? Well, trust us, there are many efficient ways to do that. Videos not only help you advertise your achievements but they can also be used to educate others so that they can make the right choices. Let’s see what life to expect as a Royal Marine Officer

Videos can communicate the courage, passion, determination and hard work of the defence professionals. They are really great at inspiring and motivating other people to join forces.

Corporate Films not only tell others about what you are capable of but also inspire many others to achieve more in life. The following video posted by The U.S. Army tells us what kind of people are working in the Army and what is the primary motive of every soldier.

Through trailer videos and insider stories, you can provide a clear picture of the defence industry to the people who have no idea about it, just like this video from Indian Navy that showcases its massive fleet:

You are the Real Stars!

Your videos can also show the improvements and developments done in various processes and equipments. People with first-hand experiences can tell others what it takes to be a defence personnel. Video interviews and footage can tell the world how difficult yet enjoyable jobs they have.

Soldiers are the real life heroes. Video can prove that point to the general public and make them respect these heroes even more. There are always a variety of soldiers found in the military, belonging to different regions, having different working styles and working on different kind of assignments. Your videos can show soldiers who not only excel in their work but are actually genius either by birth or by extensive training. For instance, this video about U.S. Army Special Forces proves that they are a lot more than ordinary people:

Soldiers are humans too, a series of videos by The U.S. Army titled “Soldiers Trailers”, show you the humans behind the uniforms.

Mobile apps

Mobile applications are very useful tool not only for us as public but also for soldiers and their families. The fundamental purpose of most of the military apps is upliftment and betterment of the defence personnel by keeping them well informed. For instance, Tactical NAV enables users to map and plot waypoints and military graphics with pinpoint accuracy; Army First Aid contains all the critical medical information on bites – snake, mammals, humans, dressings and bandages, rescue breathing techniques, signs and symptoms of fractures etc. Similarly, Army Ranger Handbook offers the latest techniques and tactics used everyday by Rangers. Yes, anyone can learn these techniques anywhere, through this app.

We know that in this industry, training is crucial but thinking about the emotional needs of the army men is equally important. Sandbox Family Communication Inc. must have thought the same before developing this fabulous app called the “Sandboxx – The Military Comms App” which enables recruits, veterans, active duty, reserve/guard and their families to communicate.


Ask a gamer or a kid about the significance of gaming and you will understand its impact on general life. There are several things one can learn while playing like concentration, quick action, analysis, accepting defeat etc. but the common thing you will attain is an experience. A person learns something more with every game and ultimately excels with a lot of practice.

Playing First Person Shooter games can help army-men in keeping their battle sense active and always ready for action.

Other simulation games can help the users in understanding the basics on how to operate defence machinery, how to drive defence vehicles, helicopters or fly fighter planes. Games like Brothers in Arms and Frontline Commando can be used to develop decision-making power and presence of mind in the trainees.

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

The usage of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the world of technology is starting to upsurge. Many defence institutions are using these technologies for simulations in training and exercises. AR & VR can benefit all the military forces (Army, Navy & Airforce).

VR Simulations

Training of soldiers through VR simulations is the most talked about topic in the technology world. Isn’t it amazing that you can create combat visualization and other similar scenarios in the virtual world? You can utilize VR for parachute simulations, flight simulations, battlefield simulations, medic trainings, etc. You can train the soldiers to drive military vehicles and operate heavy machinery through VR. Virtual reality can also take them to various virtual locations throughout the world! All this provides realistic experience to the trainees without costing a bomb or putting them in danger. Moreover, this also eradicates the factor of loss of property while training.

Virtual reality can also be used for treating post-traumatic disorders. Many soldiers suffering from battle trauma or any other psychological disorders can deal with their fears and symptoms, being assured that they are in a very safe environment. Royal Australian Air Force offers a. -degree tour of Australian International Airshow for everyone who missed it:

It’s the Time for AR

It’s high time you explore the potential of augmented reality(AR). Augmented reality can especially help in decision-making processes. Recently, The Royal Australian Air Force was seen attending the demonstrations of Defence applications of Augmented Reality Visualisation by DST team & Saab Australia. Here, CAF AIR MARSHAL Leo Davies said that “How we communicate, visualise and explore problems and ultimately reach solutions will be heavily influenced by technology such as ARV.” Do you know that just like VR, AR too can help you with training? Let’s see how:

AR can provide abundant information right in front of the eyes of the user, that too in real time! This can also help with operation and maintenance of equipment and machinery.

This way all defence organizations can use latest technologies and marketing solutions to achieve greater heights. We know that you are already putting a lot of hard work and doing great, but adding just a little extra for better communication, and adopting new technologies can give you the edge you always needed. You can drop us a mail at hello@pixelsutra.com and we will get in touch with you for a detailed discussion.

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