19 January 2018 . 4 min read

Mr. Clean to Samsung – The most watched 2017 commercials on Youtube!

In a platform where 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute, to be the most watched takes some serious effort. And in 2017, we witnessed a stiff competition among brands to be the number one on this giant video platform called the Youtube. So, as we move on to a promising new year, let us take a look at the youtube leaderboard of the previous year.

Mr. Clean  

Here is Mr. Clean’s Mascot arriving as the cleaner of your dreams. It is often said that the most important part of a short video is its ending. Videos that rung longer get plenty of moments to interest a viewer, but in a short video the entire punch lies in the ending. See how effectively Mr. Clean delivers it. Ladies, you do really gotta love a man who cleans, don’t you? With just a running time of 30 seconds, this ad has generated more than 17 million views!


Music and Dance are two powerful tools that knows no boundary. They can settle differences and bring together people from all parts of the world. See how Levi’s leveraged the power of Music and Dance in this delightful commercial. Beyond all the social tags that we carry, we belong to one brotherhood called humanity and that is one that calls for celebration. It is this unity and individuality that is in the prime focus in this Levi’s commercial.

iPhone 7

With the new iPhone 7 and Siri, there is always more to do. Even if you are Dwayne Johnson! Well, one doesn’t need to state that Dwayne aka Rock is known for his adventure stunts. But the adventures on store here, is something different that you would never have foreseen. If you are passionate and determined and has Siri with you, there is no limit to how much you can get done in a day. Interesting way to encourage viewers do more with lives! The commercial has garnered more than 17 million views.


There is hardly anything fulfilling for a human being than doing things their own unique way. Here is an inspiring commercial from Adidas that encourages you to be your self. Original is never finished says Adidas through its campaign and one cannot disagree. Today or 100 years from now, being original and true to your inner self will have its own value and identity. The spot features different personalities from the worlds of music, sport, art and skate. To reiterate the purpose of the campaign, the commercial also features a remixed version of Frank Sinatra’s iconic song “My Way”. This inspiring commercial has been viewed more than 25 million times on youtube.

Kia Niro 

You might have found inspirations to develop a narrative through the famous ‘Hero’s Journey’ by Joseph Campbell. But this Hero’s Journey is quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Well.. this is not the first time Melissa Mccarthy has amused us with her incredible humour and you just cannot picturize anyone else performing this ad. Well played Kia Niro! Mccarthy is on a mission to save the planet here but unfortunately, through a spring of backfiring events, she learns life is tough being an eco warrior. But wait, all hope is not lost. You can still drive a Kia Niro and save the environment! The video when it was uploaded first had more than 26 million views on youtube.


A simple person who sets out on an ambitious journey faces several life threatening challenges before finally making his dreams come true. This has been at the center of plenty of blockbuster novels and movies. Watch it in a commercial here from Budweiser! The spot is special to the brand because it is based on the life of their own owner, who took on a daring journey to America to brew the King of Beers. This “Born The Hard Way” ad has generated more than 28 million views on Youtube.

Miss Dior

Natalie Portman has been the face of Miss Dior since 2010 and the brand’s latest commercial celebrates the difference facets of love and womanhood. Natalie herself was quoted saying that the brand connected more to modern women now more than ever. The commercial features Natalie enjoying the different passion and drama involved in life and love and her “What would you do for love?” directed towards the audience is powerful enough to ignite an encouraging vibe. The commercial has more than 45 million viewers.

Dude Perfect

One doesn’t become the most subscribed sports channel on Youtube for no reason. Dude Perfect is an amazing example of how you can unleash your skills to create a worldwide impact in this modern era of opportunities. Here is them taking Ping Pong Trick Shots to the next level. This video compilation is also a sponsored commercial for the brand Oreos. Though it’s a little lengthier than other videos that has made the list, it is totally worth every second. And the number of viewers? 97 million!

Clash Royale 

Here is one that has hit a century of millions – The Last Second from Clash Royale! Well.. Let’s admit it… It’s tough not to have that thought of trying this game out after watching the video. In another 50 seconds, you might find yourself in the app store! The commercial is a fabulous combination of 3D animation and visual effects and it is a throughout jolly ride. We know you would watch it again and again… Try spotting the brilliant little background details in the video when you do! The commercial has garnered more than 111 million views on youtube!


Okay… Hold on to something before you watch this. If ever there is a moving ad, this is it. Period. You might want to take a moment, stand up and applaud as the commercial draws to an end. It is that brilliant! Just goes to say, no matter how far you have gone forward, viewers would always love when there is an emotional connectivity to the video. In another 4 minutes, you will be a totally different person altogether. You will find yourself surrounded by positivity and you will want to set out and make a difference to the world. This is a promise. 150 million people agree! Samsung…Take a bow.

The world knows where to come today to watch videos. And boy are they coming in masses! Interestingly, almost 20% of viewers who start watching a video will leave after the first 10 seconds. And that is why a good beginning is an absolute must. It is also to be noted that 5 billion videos are watched in Youtube every day. The world is indeed ready to watch when you have something great to offer. Let your brand’s be the greatest!

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