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Manoeuvre a Better Tomorrow – Modern Day Marketing Skills for your Engineering Firm


The world as we see today is a great feat of engineering. Without engineering there won’t be any cities or landscape to view. Any structure other than a simple hut will be impossible to build. There won’t be any roads, infrastructure, machines and devices! All in all, humanity in turn will cease to exist without engineering. If engineering is not omnipresent, what is. This amazing skill of mankind is going through a fresh phase of challenges in the most modern era. There are more number of engineers than ever before and customer needs and market situations are ever changing. But your engineering concern can still hold its edge forward if you consider these modern day marketing technique

Create it before you even start – 3D Visualization and Simulation

Gone are the days where you had to wait till the completion of a project or a prototype to completely analyse or appreciate the engineering behind it. Be it a pen, a car or an architectural building, today you can see anything and everything live and real in front of you even before you move into the production stage! The demanding customers of the modern generation also love to check out their products even before it hits the market. To strive in such a market efficient 3D visualization and simulation is the key as it helps to save time, money and energy and also improve your reputation. So, let us take a look at some of the best projects in this regard.

How about taking your bike for a ride before you buy it. No, not a physical test drive. A completely three dimensional virtual test drive that allows you to test all the features of the bike that you want to buy. Sounds interesting, right? ‘Bajaj Auto’ did just that with their initiative called Bajaj Pulsar Interactive. From the scratch you could see how the model got to its shape and you can move on to check its tank capacity, quality of wheels, seats and brake system! We know how tough it is to convince a customer. In a traditional scenario, when they walk into your store and see the product, there will be an array of questions that follow. It is actually a time consuming and annoying process for the both customer and the seller. A well detailed 3D visualization could well serve as your best spokesman and imagine what that could do to reduce the anxiety of a customer.

‘Hensley Industries’ focuses on the production of attachments and wear parts for machines used in mining and construction. In a traditional scenario, it is impossible to identify the type and quantity of loads the machines could handle without any impairment. To ascertain a comprehensive performance of these machines, engineers at Hensley made use of 3D simulations as they applied static and dynamic loads to a virtual machine. It also helps them understand whether an operator or technician on site could replace any defects quickly without needing any sophisticated skills. Manager talking about Creo Software

‘Meaco’s’ 3D representation of their dehumidifier smartly covers all the relevant details regarding the product. You understand why they stand out and what it can do to enhance the freshness in your living room. Though the video is quite direct and straightforward, it goes a long way in convincing a customer the advantages of buying the product.

‘SmartMetals’ provides high end audio visual equipment mounts that has to withstand weight and the heat that the electronics produce. Other than this, the greatest challenge for them is while delivering custom products as per customer requirement. To counter this challenge, SmartMetals engineers uses 3D simulation to study linear static, modal, buckling, contact and steady state thermal. Thereby, they get a real feel of how the product would perform in the physical world even before it actually gets to the production stage.

Here is an absorbing 3D walkthrough of ‘Canal Heights’, the residential building. See how the shapes and volumes depicted in the blueprint attains a real life like 3D image through careful visualization. A striking advantage of such visualization is that, it makes it easy for any novice to appreciate the beauty of the engineering involved. From an 8 year old boy to an 80 year old man, everyone could understand what the project is all about. That is surely not the case customary technical sketches and drawings. How often have you had to act like you understand everything when someone is explaining an architectural sketch? Yeah, we have all been there!

Stay Latest, Stay Focused – VR, AR and MR

We live in an ever changing world. So much is happening around the world any given minute. This is precisely the reason why businesses today are more challenging than ever before. One simply cannot expect to thrive without being totally uptodate. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality are already a buzz in the tech world and many engineering concerns have already made best use of it.

Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory (CHIL), is the largest VR lab of its kind developed by ‘Lockheed Martin’. This facility allows a smooth collaboration of designers and manufacturers even before the actual production begins. Ranging from human spaceflights, imaging satellites and even solar array facilities, the team undergoes an analysis of design and manufacturing in the virtual world before physically beginning to produce them!

‘Computer Assisted Virtual Environment’ or CAVE is an initiative by Raytheon Missile systems where engineers find themselves in an Augmented Reality world that allows them to see products in a 3D space and also share their view with others. Inside a CAVE meeting scenario when engineers and partners collaborate on a video conference, the focus is to let everyone explore the 3D models together. This allows them to create visual missile prototypes before they set out to manufacture them in real.

George Mason University’s (GMU) Engineers For International Development (EFID) made use of Mixed Reality to design a water system for an orphanage in Puerto Cabezas Nicaragua. The technique proved immensely helpful it helped engineers obtain a live visualization of their designs. This kind of intuitive interface is an essential support for engineering systems as it helps increase productivity and reduce operational errors. On January 7, 2017 GM-EFID deployed a construction team to install the water system.

‘BAE’ systems, the aerospace company based in United Kingdom, used Virtual Reality to develop warships for the Royal Navy. The three dimensional VR experience allowed engineers and sailors to navigate through life like computer generated versions of the ships they were working on. The designers were even able to move around vessels and look behind panels and hatches. This enabled the engineers to deal with potential issues long before the construction actually began!

The portable Heads Up Display from ‘Navdy’ uses Augmented Reality to project a transparent image of the road that lies ahead so that you will never miss out on any important information. The Navdy Dial which can be mounted on to the steering wheel serves as the channel of communication with the device. You can even connect your calls, messages and music to the device and initiate them using simple voice control.

Unleash your Creativity – Explainer Videos

Internet is a stage where everyone fights for attention. But the challenge here is the ever reducing attention span of users. We live in that kind of an era where everyone needs information quick and easy. If you cannot interest a customer within the first 10-15 seconds, you can shed all your hopes of convincing him. This is where videos play a significant role in marketing. If properly done, an explainer video can grab your attention from the very first frame. And that itself goes a long way in persuading someone to spend the next 3-4 minutes listening to you! So, let us take a look at some of the finest explainer videos related to engineering.

‘FactoryFix’ is a US based startup that provides manufacturing companies skilled workers within a very short span of time. Take a look at their explainer video that engages you from its very start by introducing a common industry problem. The solution, when it appears looks like the need of the hour and it almost feels like you cannot run your business without such a service. That’s what a smart explainer video can do! Before you know it, you wonder how your business can avail their service. Their smoothness and customer friendly nature is clearly communicated and there is a cheerful mood throughout the video. Simple, yet effective.

Have a look at this explainer from ‘SinoScan’, a manufacturing service company, who specializes in design, engineering, sourcing and production of high end components and products from China. Rich in characters, see how each and everyone is different and interesting. The video talks about every engineer’s dilemma and a proactive solution that saves the day.

The video is completely relatable for anyone who has adjourned the role of an engineer or a designer and that makes it an engaging watch. When you see yourself in another character, that’s when storytelling really wins!

You drive into a service center and the mechanics bring into your notice a problem with your vehicle that you haven’t yet noticed. How many of us really pay attention to such alerts from repair centers? We may ignore them or assume the issue is not that problematic. But what if we are totally made aware of the situation? This is where ‘ClearMechanic’ stands different. The big problem and the loss your business could incur without an integrated platform is well established. Convincing customers is the bread and butter of any business. Who can say no to a platform that seamlessly help them do so!

Let your vision speak – Corporate Videos

Your brand is unique. So why not showcase it? Corporate videos give you the glorious opportunity to flaunt the world what you stand for. When you communicate your vision, goals and legacy, your brand gains a deeper level of authority. Let us learn from the best of examples;

This video from ‘Engineers Australia’ will instantly make you fall in love with the profession of engineering. The video clearly explains how committed they are in making lives better and the visuals they have chosen to deliver the message is nothing short of stunning. The famous engineering quotes and the cheering background music goes well with the visuals and it clearly lets you know that ‘Engineers Australia’ is omnipresent. When you are done watching, you cannot help but admire engineering and especially ‘Engineers Australia’!

Take a look at how Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation (SMEC) illustrates their rich history, core values and brand missions through this wonderful corporate video. Their method of approaching projects and success stories are all well established and this helps to stamp the virtue of their culture and moral principles. The video makes us realize that, as long as there are groups like SMEC, our lives would be served better every day!

MMC Corporation Berhad’s corporate video provides a simple yet powerful overview of their skills and expertise. Without any voiceover they have let their achievements speak! The diverse range of their services and the sophisticated approach in fulfilling them is clearly communicated and one immediately identifies why they are different.

Be on guard – Safety and Awareness Videos

Since engineering is synonymous to creation, there are so many potential hazards to overcome for its ultimate success. Safety first is the universal motto and it is absolutely pivotal in Engineering. In pursuit of perfection, the safety of human resources and properties can never be compromised. Startup these days are initiating innovative ways to educate their personnel the importance of safety. Let us have a look at some of them.

There is one safety demo that we often see in real time but don’t really pay attention to. The one in flights. Have a look at this video and you will never ever look at flight safety guidelines the same way! The video is wickedly hilarious but yet mighty successful in getting the message through. The very setting of Middle Earth and Lord of the Rings is testimony to an out of the box creative at work. What’s more? The video features none other than Peter Jackson donning the lead role! No wonder the video is an internet sensation.

Bechtel, a U.S based startup deployed Virtual Reality Technology to help improve the safety training of their employees. Employees, wearing a VR headset get to live in a replica of real life dangerous situations where they practice and improve their safety skills. For example, an employee can try to virtually operate a crane to lift objects up to 20 stories high on a snowy morning without causing any harm to the other workforce or properties around him. So, before he does it for the first time in real, he gets a complete idea of the all the safety measures he needs to be aware of.

Amana construction created a detailed and compelling safety video that is equally useful for employees as well as anyone visiting them. Take a note that the focus is not just on the physical threats but also on other aspects such as identity and information. The video is well documented and they have touched almost all aspects regarding health, safety and environment.

This was an overview on how your engineering firm could make use of modern marketing techniques. If you would like to discuss further, please drop us a mail at hello@pixelstura.com. We would be glad to assist you.

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