6 February 2017 . 2 min read

Live and Breathe UX, at Convey UX

The 5th ConveyUX will be held from 8th Feb to 2nd Mar 2017 at the Motif Seattle Hotel, Seattle. The event is organized by BlinkUX. Some of the topics covered in the conference are: Tool For Building Soulful Technology, Web Accessibility and How To Successfully Sell Your UX Vision.

If your work is related to user experience or if you are interested in the UX field, you should not miss this event. If you have not registered yet, can still register now. In case you are still a student, ConveyUX offers you more opportunities like Complimentary Registration Awards, Poster Presentations, and Reduced Rates!

During the event, you will get to attend over 40 educational sessions from 30+ UX practitioners. There will be informative workshops on 8 interesting topics. You will also learn about the latest products and services in the UX world. In addition to this, networking with the peers will help you stay updated on what’s going on in the industry. The event is sponsored by Microsoft, Adobe, Washington Technology Industry Association, O’Reilly etc.

ConveyUX 2017 will have reputed personalities talking about UX, with respect to their domain. You should watch the videos about the speakers and their topics on the ConveyUX Youtube channel. Watch Amber Case talk about security and privacy, Peter Merholz about Org Design for Design Orgs, Michael Gough- VP design, Microsoft, Cory Doctorow, Rand Fishkin etc.

In the event, there will be a lot of interesting topics covered, like:

  • The IA Of AI
  • Interaction Design Bootcamp: Sketch And InVision
  • North Star Principles: Creating A Vision For UX And Product Development
  • Designing For Privacy In Mobile And Web Apps
  • Love, Patterns, Inclusiveness And Creativity. Design At Microsoft
  • The Experience Is The Product
  • Data-Driven Personas
  • Employing UX Research Methods To Create User-Informed Text
  • Enterprise UX: Correspondence From The Front Lines
  • UX And Mixed Reality: An Opportunity For Innovation
  • Inclusive Design At Microsoft
  • Design Do’s And Don’ts For Great AR
  • Delivering On The Promise Of Voice With Alexa
  • Tales Of Developing A UX ROI In Enterprise-Land

Through the Project Showcase, you will hear from the project owners themselves. They will take you through their projects, the challenges that came in their way and the solutions they figured out. This informal meeting will be a great opportunity to discuss the projects, face to face with those who actually worked on them. Many interesting projects have been showcased here in previous years. If you wish to showcase your project, you can send a proposal.


On Wednesday and Thursday, you can access the Bookstore. Many books will be related to user experience will be made available. You can also meet some of the authors in person and get a signed copy of their book. Those authors are Amber Case, Steve Krug, Peter Merholz, Rand Fishkin, Cory Lebson and Kate O’Neill.

To get a better idea about this hi-tech event, you can watch videos from previous year events and have a look at the organizations that have participated in ConveyUX.

While you will learn and share a lot, do not forget to have some fun. Explore the fun-filled city and its nightlife!

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