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Jewellery & Diamonds Industry: The Art Of Marketing To Millennials

Do you know since when did Man start wearing jewels? The earliest evidences of shell jewellery made from sea snail shells indicate a period that is at least 75000 years old. Talk about having a legacy!

What is clear is that jewellery will exist as long as mankind exists. But that doesn’t mean this industry is free of challenges and can be taken for granted. In fact, this is one arena where you absolutely don’t want to play the catch-up game. And hence, staying updated with the latest marketing technologies is quintessential.

If you observe it closely, from local retailers to global brands, the industry has witnessed some tremendous marketing trends. So what triggered this? How could you be successful despite the challenges?

Here is a take on this million dollar question of the time.

New Generation – New Go!

Since you deal with tangible products, you might think your customers want to get a feel for the product and hold it for a while before buying it. Well, to an extend it is true. For this reason, you may think twice before selling your jewellery online.

But wait. What if customers can read reviews and ratings from other trusted buyers before they make a purchase? Wouldn’t that be a better spokesperson than you yourself! This is just one of the significant advantages of e-retailing. Emphasizing the fact, we have a veteran of retail marketing from LolaAndGrace, the Fashion Jeweller.

In an interview to Professional Jeweler, managing director Hayley Quinn said that the impact of online retailing has been a notable change in the industry and the retailers have to give a complete 360-degree multi-channel consumer experience.

Stats don’t lie. In just two years, the global online sales for jewellery has increased by $123 million and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.59% is projected in the global online jewellery market during the period 2017-2021.

So how did this happen?

The primary reason is the tech-savvy Generation Y & Z.

The Art of Targeting Millennials

Well now, your aim is so clear. You need to target the younger generations who are much involved with technology. Just see an example of how they invite technology into their life.

One of them wishes to buy a pair of glasses.

Yesterday’s trend:

He straightly visits an optical showroom, chooses from the collection and tries it on. If he is happy with it, he will buy it.

Today’s trend:

He swipes his mobile. Visits an e-commerce portal like Lenskart, picks one frame and tries it on virtually.

What changed? The pattern of shopping is same but the medium has changed. The case is the same not just with youngsters, but every modern day customer. Technology is an integral part of their shopping.

So what changes you need in your marketing?

Follow the same process  Reach them, impress them, and persuade them to buy. But keep in mind to integrate technology in every inch of it.

It’s no wonder when someone says: Content is King. Do you know why?
First impression is the best impression. In traditional marketing, you have the chance to talk to your customers and induce them to buy. However, online marketing changes its way here. It demands the first impression with beautifully crafted content.

So, please your customers with informative and interactive content in the right context.

Let us show you the right way and a few examples of jewellery brands that have left their mark in the digital world.

The Sales Point

Imagine that you are going to a website.

How would you feel if it easily takes you to the page you are looking for?
How would you feel if you make any action on the website itself?

Build your website with the same perception.

Websites are not meant for just giving information. They can be your sales point too. So, design a website where your users can shop online.

Some of your users wish to follow you on social media for regular updates. For them, it should not be daunting to reach your official pages. So, it’s better the website features the buttons taking them to the official social pages.

Just have a look at the website of LolaAndGrace. Their website is so simple. And, it is so easy to find & shop what a customer is looking for. They are maintaining their site in an easily navigable way. Look at the top of the page where they have their social media buttons that encourage customers to visit their social pages.

Tell Where You are

The present-day customers search online to find your stores nearby. So let it not be a big deal for them. With your website, give the complete information of your stores located throughout the world. When it is easy to locate you, people get an urge to visit you and make a deal.

If you observe the website of Malabar Gold & Diamonds, they maintain a flexible page for helping their global users locate them easily.

Be in Their Pockets

You take a lot of pain to bring a customer, don’t you? But the real skill is not in getting a customer. It is in retaining him! That is why your bond should be long-lasting.

With mobile apps, you can stay close to your users; giving alerts and updates every now and then. Aware of this sutra, the French luxury jewellery brand Cartier built its own mobile app. It’s already touching lives of thousands of people every day.

Tapping the app, looking for the item and checking out – so easy, right?

And what makes the app a swiss army knife? You can integrate latest technologies such as Just Augmented Reality just the way CaratLane did!

Partner with Marketplaces

If you don’t know what marketplaces are, let us tell you that they are the e-commerce portals available in your region. The best examples: Amazon, eBay, AliBaba etc.

What makes these marketplaces so important for you?

If you want to know, just search for something like ‘best earrings collection’ on Google. Just take a look at the results on the page.

What did you observe? Retail online marketplaces, aka e-commerce portals, are queuing up on the first page. This means marketplaces are paramount in getting better visibility and thus sales for a business.

The veteran multi-channel retailer Ian Jindal agrees to this fact.

He said that marketplaces had become significant in increasing the online sales of jewellery. Further, he added the thousands of products, Jewellery and diamonds could also make the home on marketplaces, making the industry more profitable.

Usually, when someone wants to buy something online, they simply google it. Imagine, you are visible on the first page itself. What else do you want?

Knowing this fact, top-notch Indian jewellery brand Tanishq has partnered with CaratLane, an e-commerce site for jewellery. This e-portal is ranked well on Google for numerous keywords related to the industry.

If you take a look, you can see a result from this website in the screenshot of the results page above. Thus, Tanishq has achieved a guaranteed visibility.

Feel the New Way

As discussed earlier, the shopping habits of your customers have changed by adopting the technology.

Dude, how can you buy it without touching on? This is yesterday’s word.
Just use Virtual Try-on to see if it suits you. This is today’s trend.

Augmented Reality has reached the e-commerce industry and shown a clear impact in scaling up the market.

Wishing to see the wonders of AR? Have a look at the video:

With this advancement in technology, you can give your customers a brand new experience and make deals with them.
Engaging Social Actions

Social media has been a game-changer, especially in e-retailing. They boast a user base of around 2.5 billion and counting. So if a retailer has to reach a million prospects on a platform, there is no need to think of a second option.

Globalization made the world a single place and social media brought them closer. Your generation Y and Z customers are spending a lot of time in social networks. But when the network is completely personal, how could you bring them to your business page? You can learn from some brands that are already bearing fruits on the gigantic network. Here you go…

Feasible Customer Support

We reiterate the fact, ‘Retaining an old customer is as important as getting a new customer!’.

After all, who wants to waste the money spent on getting a sale, time spent on building reputation and efforts to earn trust?

You can take inspiration from brands like Alex and Ani that makes use of the direct messaging feature on Twitter.

A really cool way of customer service, isn’t it? Truth be told, one ought to learn the artistry of getting hold of the market from this brand. We have a reason for saying it.

Pinterest is one favorite hub of fashion enthusiasts. Take a look at Alex and Ani’s page in Pinterest and you will see why they are different from others. If you are a regular Pinterest user, the Rotating Showcase feature must be a well-known thing to you. While this feature is overlooked by the most, Alex and Ani is so keen in using it. Consequently, the audience get a sneak peek of what’s special in the page.

A Campaign can Be Anything!

A festival is around the corner. Or a new season arrives. The best way to catch hold of public attention during such occasions is by launching a campaign. To show you how, we have Pandora selling its new bracelet collection for the summer.

Contests Bring Loyal Customers

Contests go a long way in adding value to your brand. A significant advantage of contests is that they have nothing to do with an occasion. You just have to come up with an interesting concept and launch the contest.

Certain of this fact, Malabar Gold & Diamonds hosted this contest:

This retailer brand has run a contest for which the audience needs to pick their favorite bride and tell them why. The brand offered the winners a gift voucher of ₹ 5ooo. Needless to say, the contest was an instant hit.

What would you offer as a prize?

Well, that can be anything. It depends on the size of your business and the value the contest brings. You can offer gift vouchers, cash prizes, a special jewellery or whatnot.

The contest run by Malabar was so funny. But, why did they offer a gift voucher?

Consider this. You are planning to buy some furniture. Wouldn’t you invite suggestions from your kith and kin? That’s it. Word-of-mouth publicity is a quicker credibility builder.

First things first, you have to bring at least a handful of customers to your shop. And this is why Malabar offered a gift voucher. And you can offer whatever it takes to benefit your business.

Videos are Ever-Engaging!

What would you love to see online; an article, an image or a video?

Definitely videos, right?

Because videos attract. They attain the best response from your audience. And they have the power to express what a text or an image cannot.

Your video can be anything. You can live-stream your events or share the trailer of a new product or the making of a magnificent ornament. You can take the help of an expert filmmaker or you can shoot behind the scenes with your hand-cam. No matter what you make, it should maintain quality.

The video above shows how Bulgari, an Italian luxury jewellery brand, makes one of its finest ornaments. This video has attracted as much as 92K views in a short span.

Look here, Pandora attracted 155 thousand views on YouTube for a behind the scenes video:

So marketers, chalk out a roadmap to streaming your video content.

Wrapping up

For every challenge in store, technology has a solution. You have many easy-to-build platforms like WordPress to launch your website, app stores to feature your mobile apps, marketplaces to partner, AR technology to give a splendid experience to your users and what not. All you need is a good strategy and plans to leverage the available technology.

Nevertheless, you definitely need some help in building your brand reputation in the digital world. For any such help, please feel free to contact us at hello@pixelsutra.com. We are happy to be with you.

We’d love to hear from you.

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