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How to use videos to make your mark in the food industry

The food industry has touched every single person on the planet and reaching so many people is no piece of cake!

This industry comprises of diverse businesses. Each business undertakes a broad range of activities before they bring food to our table. We are living in an era of health awareness. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients and processes that make up their food. They consider a variety of factors before making a choice of food items and you need to provide them answers to “Why should I pick your products.”

It’s not just the customers, you need to attract the right talent, retain them and keep them motivated. You also need to maintain excellent relationship with your suppliers. Videos are a very effective tool to achieve all this. Food safety is a sensitive topic and even a single case of non-adherence to standards can defame a company. There have been a number of cases in the food industry where a company had to repair its damaged reputation after some allegations or rumours. Videos made it happen for them!

Let’s see how the companies in the food industry can harness the power of videos.

Educate End-user

Make an effort to educate the people, if you want to be seen as a responsible and caring brand. Tell them what’s good for them, how things are done, what is right for the society etc.

This explainer video helps the viewers understand how the touch-screen Pepsi Interactive Vending Machine can be operated and what all they can do with it. So they don’t have to face the dilemma of not knowing what to do with the machine when they are at a crowded mall. This video is also promoting the new machine!

Inform Your Stakeholders

Stakeholders mean business. Why not come up with a short and crisp corporate video to brief your employees, investors, shareholders or suppliers about where your company stands? Such videos can be a part of your press releases or can be played before/during your conference. Let the world see your company in the best light!

You can also boast about your awards, technological advancements, revenue growth, plans for launching new categories, geographical expansion etc.

Social Responsibility Initiatives

If your organization is working towards a better tomorrow, then people need to know it to be able to appreciate or support your efforts. Whether you work for the environment, health and safety, economic development or human rights, a video can spread awareness, make your voice heard and accelerate the process. Such videos will also improve your brand image and highlight your contributions.

Kellogg is renowned for its breakfast cereals. Its “Breakfasts for Better Days” initiative works for the noble cause of fighting hunger. This initiative also goes well with the product line of Kellogg. They used this video to inform us about their goal of “3 billion Better Days for people around the world by 2025.” It also talks about feeding school kids, creating food banks, food donations, sustainable agricultural practices, quality of life of farmers and using fewer natural resources. This kind of videos make the viewers respect your company and thus, they want to associate with you.

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Super Bowl, Worldcup, Women’s day, Christmas or a Disney movie release……Never miss such events! If you really want to strike a chord with your target customers, then produce videos for occasions that are important for them. Remember that the right timing of the release is very crucial. Of course the event, occasion or festival should be relevant to your brand and products.

This video is not from the food industry, but P&G is so good at such videos that every industry can learn from them.

Where Do You Get It From

When it comes to our food……what goes inside it really matters!! Let the viewers see how you source your raw materials, what kind of people work there and how do they take care of the food. You need to assure that the food you provide is fresh and healthy and there is no better proof than a video!

Such transparency builds confidence in your customers. They want to make sure that you use high-quality, fresh products to prepare their food….. and they need to see it to believe!

Involve Your Customers

Have you noticed how are the top brands leveraging the power of social videos? The market is crowded and competition is intense. You have to connect with your customers on a regular basis to make sure you don’t lose them.

NESCAFÉ asked its customer to show what they would start with a NESCAFÉ. Pay attention to the word “co-creation”. It sounds like they made the customers a partner. Later, they also recognized the winners. User generated content not only make your brand more interesting but also makes the contributors feel valued! So, ask your customer to share their videos. Design a campaign where your customers can post videos of how they are enjoying your product!


Whether it is about choosing a job, a product or a service, people reach out (for advice) to those who have first-hand experience of things. If you create testimonial videos….it definitely pays!

We wanted you to see this video because it conveys two messages, in a very convincing way. Firstly, someone who works at Kellogg and know everything about the nutritional aspects of its cereals, says that she is serving what the company makes, to her own kids! Secondly, she loves her job at Kellogg and is totally satisfied.

How to

Somebody who doesn’t know about the popularity of “How to” videos is definitely living under a rock! All big and small companies are sharing such videos on their websites, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. Bread, jam, coffee, milk..all these products have been there for generations. You may have come up with some new variants or new packaging but still, the product is still the same for your customers.

It’s time to get creative and show how they can do different things with your products. Go ahead to help them out with some tips and tricks, make the product usage easy and enjoyable or think out of the box and come up with some innovative ways.

People like new ideas. They will buy your products to try out new things, just for fun! They may get some appreciation for the newly acquired skills. Even if they don’t try it, they will recognize and love your brand for such videos.

Your customers love their favourite celebrities. Why not relate this love with your brand? People want to know everything about their favourite people…what do they eat?…What makes them look so good or perform so well? Show them how celebrities use, admire and trust your products. If your budget allows, make endorsement videos like the ones from KelloggsUS and Pepsi.

Your company is made up of a number of people. Each one of them should be motivated to do their best. Visual learning is a very effective tool to make people understand things and remember them. Training videos for your farmers, suppliers, logistic partners, workers and employees will make them perform better and work towards the growth of your company.

Videos are easy to understand and recall for everyone. Inform your farmers about the best practices in farming, teach them to protect the environment and educate them about new methods and technologies that are useful for increasing the production. Different food products need different care. Some may need cold storage while others may be perishable or fragile. Use videos to instruct your logistic partners on how to take care of the material during the transport. Videos can be instrumental in educating your employees about the safety and the standard procedures of your company. The people working for you may change but the videos will always be there for reference and for a better understanding of things. For instance, this orientation video from Domino’s. You can use such videos a number of times (until they become outdated). This is what makes training videos cost-effective and impactful.

You can also come up with some candid Live videos or funny videos to bring a smile on the viewer’s face. If you want to be seen as a technologically advanced company, 360-degree videos and interactive videos can do that for you!

We are sure that by now you have realized what videos can do for your brand. Utilize videos to help, inform, entice, entertain or instruct people associated with you and your brand.

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