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Expand the Horizon of your Biotechnology Firm with these cutting edge Marketing Activities


The human race as a whole is a lot healthier than we were a 100 or 200 years ago. The average life expectancy during the Bronze Age was 26 while it was as high as 71.5 in 2014! So, how did this become possible? How did we learn to better our own manner of living? Nothing but the understanding of the tiniest and molecular elements that form the life around us. In other words, biotechnology! From genetically modified crops to regenerative medicines that could create new organs, biotechnology has a huge role to play in the future too. But no business can thrive without proper marketing. If you are into biotechnology business, here are some advanced marketing technologies that you could make use of.


According to Office of Communications(OfCom), the government approved telecommunication industry of United Kingdom, the average adult in the UK spends nearly nine hours online which is even more than their sleeping time! OfCom also observed that people aged between 16 and 24 spend more than 27 hours a week on the Internet. Add to that, almost half of the entire human population have access to the Internet. This is the scope of the Internet and that is why your presence there is critical. It is literally impossible to declare your presence in the world without a good website. Well begun is half done they say, and thus a professional and easy to navigate website is the first building block towards your long-running business.


In an era where the whole world is in one’s palm, you need to be just a swipe away. The popularity of smartphones has a lot to do with the availability of apps. And almost 44% of the world population owns a smartphone today! The striking advantage of apps is their versatility. You can use it for a wide variety of purposes. If each of them is unique in its features, you can launch multiple apps and each app will add to the likeability of your brand. You cannot have multiple websites for your firm but you can absolutely afford apps!

The BIIB Coach app from Biogen is pretty unique and interesting. It provides its employees, visitors and contractors with real time vehicle location information. They provide accurate predictions on when a coach is scheduled to depart from any location on any route. This is another advantage that you get with apps. You needn’t use it just to sell your products or services. You can get people associate with your brand by helping them in their daily life!

My Psoriasis’ app launched by Abbvie in partnership with Canadian Psoriasis Network helps users to store symptoms and triggers, map various progress and also to download results. The app also helps you to identify your triggers and compare results with other patients to observe the similarities and differences.

Biotechnology industry, bio technology, pixelsutra

‘Celgene’ launched Multiple ‘Myeloma Resource Center’ that helps patients and healthcare professionals to educate themselves about the Kahler’s disease. Healthcare professionals can use the information collected to share with various patients.

Biotechnology industry, bio technology, pixelsutra

Explainer Videos

If you look deep into it, anything and everything has a story waiting to be told. Stories go a long way in establishing a personal connection with the viewers which is something every business aims for. So, how will you put your brand’s story forward? Of course, we are not talking about J. R. R Tolkien kind of epic novels here. Something very short and unique that will inspire people to associate with your brand. The answer you are looking for is explainer videos. The world is online today and there they watch more than they read. What do you see that gets shared often in the online world? Plain write-ups or short interesting videos? Yeah, that’s it. If made well, a short and engaging explainer video could reach to people and places that you had never even imagined!

Corporate Videos

You are part of an industry that has a long tale of legacy to say. So why not show it! Corporate videos showcase the world what you stand for. Let the world know what made you choose this business and how do you intend to make this world a better place to live in. It is also an ideal platform to reveal the expertise of your resources and their success stories. This ultimately helps to improve your brand’s trust and recognition in the industry.

Awareness Videos

Biotechnology is one branch of study that calls for a lot of scientific understanding. And as such, a larger population of the world might be unaware about the potential or capabilities of your industry. The real success of your business will be when you begin to grab their attention. Nothing works like a layman recognizing your brand at the very instant! And that is why awareness videos are important. They let the world know how strong you are in your roots and how much you care for the upliftment of humanity. Plus it is immensely helpful to any aspirants in your field of study as it would help them improve their knowledge about the subject. And who knows, you might inspire an entire generation to follow your footsteps!

AR and VR

The very existence of any scientific industry is in its adaptability to technological innovations. In an era where everyday is a sensation, every hour is a breaking news, failing to catch up with the trend might well result in you losing out your market stand. What technology does so amazingly well is that with every progress, they become totally involved with the end user. They literally transport you into another world and show you how your life can be a lot different. Talk about taking you to another world, who does it better than the latest immersive technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Imagine an industry like biotechnology that deals with the tiniest molecular and atomic particles present in the nature. With augmented reality or virtual reality one can be immersed into the world of such tiniest elements and further explore them in detail. This is equally beneficial to the experts within the industry and for the layman outside it.

‘Apprentice Field Suite’ uses Augmented Reality to access complicated data in their smart glasses which leave them hands free for other important tasks. The technique also significantly improves the training outcome and the awareness within their personnel and operators. This innovative system is designed as three modules. Tandem – For remote troubleshooting, Manual – For heads up display to access data and Gauge – Provides enhanced safety through proper indications of lockouts and tagouts.

In a fictional world, saving the world might be bestowed upon superheroes. But in the real world out there, it is upto creative brains like ‘Labster’! Their mission is hearteningly straightforward. ‘’To empower the next generation of scientists to save the world”. How do they do that? Through their virtual laboratory that engages students in the magical world of biotechnology and molecular biology. Using the virtual lab, students can perform experiments that are otherwise expensive, unsafe or time consuming to perform in the real world. Imagine the effect of training students in a real life platform before they actually begin to practice it.

Interactive Presentations

Remember what Oskar Schindler was good in the Spielberg epic ‘Schindler’s List?’ Yeah, he takes immense pride in himself as he says that – the presentation! Decades might have passed since Schindler but the effect of good presentations remain all the same. It is a significant tool to elaborate the core element of your idea and what difference can it bring to the market, something that videos or other marketing techniques cannot provide. Business needs are diverse and that is why you need different marketing techniques for different purposes. When it comes to a direct yet engaging exploration of facts and figures, interactive presentations is your go to.
You can check these wonderful presentations from Amagen , Biogen and Illumina Inc

This was an outlook on how your biotechnology business could benefit from smart and modern marketing tools. If you would like to discuss further, please drop us a mail at hello@pixelstura.com. We would be glad to assist you.

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