25 January 2017 . 1 minute read

Enterprise UX Virtual Summit 2017

An exceptional UX is not only essential for customer delight but also effective for an enterprise. It can provide the much needed boost to the performance and morale of the employees. There is an enormous scope for the enterprises to enhance their UX, be it for Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management or Inventory Management System.

A golden opportunity to soak up a lot of information on EUX is coming your way. This Valentine’s day you can share your love for EUX with others. The best part is that you can join for free and there is no limit on the number of attendees. You can take part in 15 Live Sessions from any location.

World’s largest online design conference, EUX Virtual Summit 2017 will be held online from Feb, 14th to 17th 2017. The summit is organized by UXPin. It would provide you an exposure to various case studies from Intuit, Hewlett Packard, SAP, Groupon, IBM, Asana, and more. Senior practitioners and UX leaders would share practical knowledge and their experiences. Coming from experts, these insights can deepen your knowledge and amplify your abilities to design an exceptional enterprise UX. Twenty speakers like Andrew Sandler-Director of Product Design at Groupon Merchant, Julia Zorzanello Byron-UX Researcher and Designer at IBM etc. would take you through their projects and clarify your doubts. Anyone enthusiastic about making it big in EUX should not miss this chance to network with other enterprise UX & product professionals.

Some of the topics covered would be Crossing the Culture Chasm: How Google and Nutanix Became Design-First Enterprises, Creating and Scaling Enterprise Design Systems, Designing a Sustainable Enterprise UX Process, Practical Enterprise UX Research, Walk Not Run: Incrementally Improving Enterprise Products, The State of Enterprise Products: Q&A Session, The Future of Enterprise UX etc.

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